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Disclaimer: If you didn't watch The Miss Universe pageant on live television last night [see video below], I'm sure you at least heard about the minor mistake Mr. Harvey made that is being broadcasted all over the media. If not, keep scrolling and you will see.

Dear Steve Harvey,

On behalf of all the negative remarks and the slandering being thrown your way via social media and the media in general, I apologize. As a media consumed society, we often use social media platforms as a way of making people feel bad about a situation, when in all actuality we would never say it to their face if given the opportunity to do so. I want to remind you and everyone else, that we all make mistakes. People are making it seem as if they are perfect.
Anyone could've slipped up and crowned the wrong winner. According to the winning ballot [seen above], it is rather confusing. Although it may not seem that way now because whomever is reading this has the time to consciously look it over, you were handed the ballot seconds before -- not having a chance to thoroughly examine the credentials before reading them aloud. You made a mistake and you know what? Life goes on. There are so many more important things going on in the world today that deserve our attention. People are going to talk whether you're going bad or good. Rihanna said it best. You're an amazing man who has accomplished so much throughout your life and one minor mistake that happened on live television shouldn't be a reason for people to try and bring you down.
Hold your head high. Know that today is a new day and you are full of new mercies and blessings. Those people who have something negative to say, wish they could be in your shoes. Remember why you do what you do and know that at the end of the day you're a human being. No one person is perfect.
Glass houses.
I would probably mess up on this too. It's ok Steve! we all make mistakes! Props to Miss Philippines for winning though. she's beautiful!
Yeah it is kinda hard to read @amobigbang
Well, on the bright side she was runner up. So that counts for something 馃拋馃徑 @nicolejb
If I were the first girl I'd be really sad though :(
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