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Soo I have to do this because I love a challenge so here are the three things I would love for Santa to bring me this year !

1.Kwon Jiyong Im just gonna leave this here because you guys know how much this man has ruined me..................

Soo Santa I'll love you forever if you just gladly drop him off to me

2.Chanyeol I would love nothing more then to come downstairs and see this lovely face by the tree Chanyeol was one of my first loves and come on we all know how perfect he is

3.Sexy Boy

Can't have GD without sexy boy! And look Santa he already has a tree so just bring both and your good to go Tagged by the lovely @helixx

So what 3 things do you guys want from Santa!

YES!!! Nyongtory for Christmas!!!! Can I just have all of BIGBANG or is that asking for too much?
@Helixx seriously!! I'm sure Santa will understand Seungri is already in the states he just needs to bring the rest of the guys for us it's not like we're asking for a million dollars😂😂
definitely need Nyongtory for Christmas