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In 2016, I vow to embrace comfy chic.

Having the luxury of working remotely, I find myself putting less and less effort into my outfits. Mind you, I love to shop and fashion is life. I enjoy putting together outfits and going out all whilst feeling myself. It's definitely one of the most exhilarating feelings, I guess you could say a rush of adrenaline. When you look good, you feel good and those are obvious facts. Although I enjoy throwing on a pair of heeled boots and a nice blouse accompanied by a blanket scarf as I take the city by storm, but on the flip side -- I also enjoy throwing on a pair of comfy sweats and a hoodie. That's when I'm most comfortable.
So, I put two and two together and came to the conclusion that I can totally still be fashionable while being comfortable -- embracing comfy chic. When I think of comfy chic, I immediately think of tailored sweats, sneakers with longline coats, blanket scarves and the works. Sounds heavenly, if you ask me. To fall in love with this ever so comfortable trend, keep scrolling and be prepared to become enthralled.

What's your idea of comfy chic?

my favorite is the first one
My favourites are 1 & 3 !
Definitely one of my favorites as well! @SydneyHogg
haha, the fifth one happens to be my favorite. it just seems to warm and laid back. but I too, love them all. @Priscilla
def a must!!! especially the first one @waanderer
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