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You stare at the blank screen in front of you tiredly. It's been a week since you received this assignment and you've only just now looked at it. You aren't shocked when you see that the due date is tomorrow. Now here you are staring at the computer screen hoping that a 10 page essay on genetics magically appears. You sigh and place your head in your hands. You feel something rest on your head and you look up seeing your boyfriend resting his chin on your head staring at the blank screen. "Yaaaaahhh......." his deep voice whines. "I'm bored...." You look up at your goofy boyfriend and smile at the put face he's making. "Well at least your not stuck writing a paper that's due in one day." Your gaze returns to the screen yet again. You feel his chin move off from your head. The world around you spins as your seat is grabbed and spun around. You're now face to face with Chanyeol's crotch. "Umm....Chanyeol?" you say trying not to blush. He looks down and looks at you with a shocked expression. He turns in the opposite direction and covers his blushing face with his hands. "Aiiisshhhh...." You try to contain your laughter as you stand up and hug him from behind. "Awww its okay baby." You grab his ears and pinch them cutely. Chanyeol turns around in your arms with a teasing smile. You look at him suspiciously. "What's with the smile Channie?" In the next second Chanyeol has you in his arms and off the floor nuzzling your face like a kitten. He kisses your nose and cheeks sweetly. You hold on to his neck and enjoy the feeling of being in his arms as you return the kisses. He stops laying his forehead against yours. "Hmmmm have you had breakfast yet? You look exhausted." he asks. You shake your head. "I was working on assignments all last night and now I have this paper." He kisses your nose. "Well you can't work on an empty stomach." He carries you to your bed and lays you down. "But what about the paper? I have to have it done by-" you object. He silences you with his lips. The kiss is sweet but passionate as he grabs your face deepening the kiss. He pulls away. "Shhhh...don't worry about all that right now. Your health comes first, Shorty." You pout at him. "Okay fine. And I told you to stop making fun of my height." Chanyeol walks to the kitchen smiling. "Yeah yeah, Shorty. Just sit there and look pretty." You cross your arms and try to relax. In all honesty you were really tired and its not long before you're sleeping peacefully.
Airplane sounds bring you out of your slumber. Your eyes open tiredky and you see Chanyeol with a spoon flying it around towards your mouth. "Ahhh...I wasn't even gone that long. How tired were you?" You yawn and stretch your arms. "Guess I've been worker harder than I thought." Chanyeol frowns. "You just eat and sleep. I'll take care of the paper." He wipes your cheek and hands you the plate that's piled with your favorite foods. "Chanyeol this is great!! But about my paper..." you start but you're immediately cut off by his finger on your lips. Chanyeol removes his hand and makes a fist. "Don't say another word. Channie is here to save the day!" He then leaves you on the bed with the food as he takes a seat at the computer. The last thing you see before you drift off again is Chanyeol steadily typing. "Channie." you call out sleepily. You see him turn around from the screen but your eyes feel heavy. "I just wanted to say thank you and I love-". You drift off to sleep in the middle of your sentence. *** You awake with a jump and look around. You wipe your eyes as you spot Chanyeol at the computer face-down. "He's so cute when he sleeps.." you whisper to yourself. You get up and make your way to him. The screen is no longer blank but instead has ten fully typed pages. "Wow he actually wrote ten pages....You never stop amazing me Park Chanyeol.…" you say kissing him on the cheek. Something catches your eyes at the end of the page. You can't help the smile that appears on your face. It reads I love you too Shorty <3

Hope you enjoyed!!! Tell me who I should do next!!!!

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I haven't even started listening to exo and I already am in love with 2 members
2 years ago·Reply
My channie baby 😍😍😍 he's so adorable. #bias
2 years ago·Reply
late on this but omg so freakingg cutee ♡
2 years ago·Reply