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Airs on 25nd, 10pm! (Korean Time) *Ep.6-LIVE Recap: http://www.vingle.net/posts/129523-Gu-Family-Medical-Book-Korean-Drama-Ep-6-LIVE-Recap/edit Mr.Park was reading a book in his room, then SJ monk visits him. KC and YW was chasing the stranger, then suddenly the number of strangers increases. Mr.Park asks, "Did you came here cuz it's been 20yrs since I raised up KC? Now can you tell me who is KC?" While he's talking with SJ monk, he realizes it's not SJ. Mr.Park tries to call the guardians, but the killer stops him. KC gets embarrassed, seeing ninja dissapearing. "I told you, they are just illusions! But u can't be hurt, so be careful!", YW warns. "There is the real one among this illusions. We gotta find him.", YW says. Watching KC protects her, YW remembers of the childhood memory. He protected her from dog when they were young. YW feels sorry of him, but KC says, "I'm fine, this is not pro." Seeing him, YW is so worried of him that she gets angry. YW reminds when she saw KC for the first time. While she's staying in Baek Nyeon hotel, she met KC accidentally. KC and gurdians investigated ninja where he came from. KC recognized that he's working under KW. Gurdians reports Mr.Park, "Actually, a monk came to warn of your safety. Thanks to him, we were able to notice you were in danger." At that night, CJ gets angry of KC. "Why you always try to face the danger? Plz say that you are not okay when you are not!" But KC comforts him, "I'm really ok. I recovered as soon as I saw you." CJ hugs him, feeling love. "I wanna dissappear right now.",she says. "What can I do for you? I can do anything that you want.", KC asks. But CJ refuses his heart, "I know you can't. Can you love only me, disobeying my father and brother? You can't. I just feel confused, because it's before marriage. So don't care anymore." Next morning, TS, Mr.Park's son, goes to KW and orders to apologize to his father. SJ monk comes to KC and warns not to stay in Baek Nyeong hotel for tonight. KC doesn't understand why he says it and how he knows his name. PJ is talking with Mr.Park. "The ninja using illusion skill came from Japan. I'm doubting if KW is killing business man with Japanese help. A newly appointed magistrate also worries of it. He guesses war would be happen soon between Cho Sun and Japan. So, I'm asking if you can help him." PJ introduces a newly appointed magistrate, Lee Soon Sin. He asks to help him economically for making warships. Mr.Park gets surprised seeing the pic of warship that Ss wanna make. "I asked king to support for the warship, but he refused. I need to make this warship to protect Cho Sun." Listening to him, Mr.Park decides to help him. He opens a secret safe for SS. Showing his personal safe, Mr.Park says, "Now all the money in here will be used for your military. Please make the warships for Cho Sun as much as you want." In the meanwhile, KW heard the news that Mr.Park supports SS economically. KW goes to government office and slanders Mr.Park for kidnapping his servants. PJ, YW's father, look KC carefully. He orders Gon to look him carefully and let him know when he sees sth strange aspects from KC. CJ's fianc's family visits Baek Nyeon hotel to ask marriage for CJ. At the moment, policemen suddenly drops in. They finds a paper in his home. KW sees it. "This arrow symbol was used between traitors. You were really traitor. Catch him." At the moment, KC comes and stops them. While he's fighting with KW's servants, Mr.Park gets hurt. Hugging Mr.Park, KC screams. Then wind blows, and KW gets surprised seeing KC's eyes becomes green.
@winterlovesong Actually Lee Seung Gi is famous for making a drama being popular :D
@njkim I daresay anything with Lee Seung Gi will be popular. He knows how to choose his role.. and his acting is amazing too. SK adores him :D
@winterlovesong In S.K, Gu Family is more popular ;) Jang Ok Jung also looks quite interesting, though x)
@Annevine yea..:( That's why I hate KW more! He do the same thing to different family!
OMG I watched this and no regret!!! LEE SEUNG GI <3333 and have you guys seen his transformation? Here http://www.vingle.net/posts/132748
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