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J-Hope's New Song! Listen and Love It!
It's in guys! I haven't listened yet but you guys can here!!! https://soundcloud.com/bangtan/1-verse-by-jhope or click the video! IT'S KILLING ME TO HAVE TO WAIT!! This thing came out of nowhere! Nothing like, 'oh I'm working on my mixtape it should be out soon or a sneak listen.' Nothing! No preemptive warning like, 'Dear fans be prepared because in 1 week Hope will be blowing your minds and setting you aflame with this new fuckin track.' But I'm so proud of our Hobi! I love that he went and did this! I hope this is the start to an awesome solo career! Good luck to him! Now just waiting on a glorious mixtape from Suga ^_^
Update: OH MY FUCKING BWWWUUUUUHHH!!! This, this, this song is. I died and I'm just so proud! He made a bangin track and it's so sick. Like this is ill as hell! He sounds so legit and grown up. I want to see a live performance of this! He'd look so bad ass! He sounds like a full fledged rapper and I seriously can't wait to hear what dope music he has in store for his mixtape!
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just when I think I can't get deeper into the fandom.. this happens
2 years ago·Reply
@AristaJ There's no such thing as 'too deep' lol
2 years ago·Reply
@MadAndrea Never have truer words been spoken
2 years ago·Reply
Strait fire~~!!!! I love it so much!!! I JUST CANT KEEP CALM BECAUSE HOBI NEEDS TO STAY IN HIS LANE!!!! (my weakness is rappers)
2 years ago·Reply
My jam!!
2 years ago·Reply