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So I dreamed about iKon's JINHWAN last night but it was such a waste because it wasn't even worth it. I met him at a party and stood next to him. But he ran away after I asked him how tall he was. I should've known that would make him mad xD xD xD But its such a waste because the rest of iKon were there too! I wanted to see what else would happen but I woke up and stayed awake for like half an hour... sigh..... lol
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@jannatd93 馃槀馃槀I was soo mad like really idiot you should have said something and @angiey0222 yes!! I hate it like stupid brain how could you not talk to GD
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OMG Jinhwannie, it's okay to be short , you're cute short LOL . You should have Saud one of those cheesy pickup lines LOL IDK
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i had never paid attention but his eyess are the cutest thing
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@bnrenchilada I agree 馃挄馃挄
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especially in the third picture 馃槉馃槉馃槉 @angiey0222
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