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The second to last Monday of the year.

It's time to put thing into perspective on this chilly Monday morning. Put on a smile, put on your coat, put on your headphones and make this day one to remember. Whether you're stuck in the office until 5 o'clock or you're at home stuck wrapping gifts, be of good cheer because tis' the season.
If you need an extra splash of motivation, keep scrolling I have five cheerful quotes in store for you.

You have the option to choose.

Have an amazing week and a happy holiday.
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You're very welcome :) @shanu2905
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as always these quotes are spot on @jordanhamilton
2 years ago·Reply
Why thank you @VeronicaArtino hope you had a great Monday!
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2 years ago·Reply
Thank you! @jazziejazz
2 years ago·Reply