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Airs on 25nd, 10pm! (Korean Time) Watch LIVE Recap of Ep.7 here! :D http://www.vingle.net/posts/133848-Gu-Family-Medical-Book-Korean-Drama-Ep-7-LIVE-Recap When KC was young, Mr.Park asked, "Why you fought with friends?" KC said,"They made fun of me that I was thrown by parents!" Mr.Park comforts him, "But I feel thankful of it. I came to meet and know you accidentally like this. So don't feel shameful of you being thrown out." Coming back to now, KC gets mad, seeing Mr.Park's death. "I will kill you all..!!" At the moment he runs to KW to attack, SJ monk stops KC. Wind blows strongly, and when it stops, there are no KC and SJ monk. TJ cries, seeing father's death. PJ and SS also hear the news. Next day, Mr.Park's family are degraded because of Mr.Park's treason. Soldiers try to move Mr.Park's body, but cow doesn't go forward. Touching Mr.Park's wife, she says, "Now everything is done. So plz leave. plz let all resentment behind." By the way, magistrate notifies that KC killed Mr.Park. Hearing the news, YW goes to find KC to help him. Dam worries, "What if you would be in danger, finding him?" YW says, "He save my life twice. I gotta care him." Mr.Park's family are imprisoned, and TS is dragged for torture. Being in jail, TS' mom listens TS' screaming from torture. She loses her sense, getting shocked. In the meanwhile, KC opens his eyes in a forest, ASA he opens eyes, he asks if everyone is ok in Baek Nyeon hotel. SJ monk scolds KC, "Why you didn't follow my saying? I told you to come out from the hotel before night. If you came out from there, Mr.Park wouldn't die like that. So plz stay here for a while to prevent more damage." KW tries to find KC, wondering his identity. KW says the magistrate, "According to the law, kill the son, TS, and sell other family as salve. And I will buy Baek Nyeon hotel." Moneylenders hangs around to find KC because of reward. They follows YW and Gon behind to find KC, but Gon kicks them off. YW is being chasen by policemen, then KC saves her. YW says, "What are you doin here? You are wanted for murdering Mr.Park, and family are tortured now." KC listens to it and head to the Baek Nyeon hotel immediately. YW stops him, but KC doesn't listen to. KC looks around the hotel secretly. He goes to prison to get ppl out from it. In the meanwhile. policeman reports ruling of the remained family. CJ are solden to the gisaeng house and TS will be put to death tmr. CJ is about to be loaded to gisaeng house, then KC comes to save her. But CJ asks to save her brother in priority. "Next morning, he will be put to death. Plz save him first." KC gets TS out of prison. KC tries to get TS's mom, but she refuses it. "If I follow you guys, I will disturb you. It would be comfortable to live as salve." Seeing his son, she says, "Plz survive and prove ur father's innocent." While KC is being chasen, a man who got help from Mr.Park provides a place for KC and TS. Dam and KC attract policemen far apart from TS. At the moment, CJ is taken to gisaeng house. Before fighting with KC, policemen get rid of his bracelet, doubting that his power comes from it. KC can't resist, feeling fever. At that moment, KC changes to fox.
really really expext :) i can't wait
@njkim,its okay,no problem.
@Annevine oh, I just got the pic from official site of Gu Family! Sorry for making u misunderstand x)
@vindmy yea u're right :D
Ep 6 will aired tonight, that I'm wrong?
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