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Here it is guys! Part 2! Possible items needed: Tissues Enjoy!
You sat still staring down at the test in front of you. Positive... You were happy that you and Namjoon were going to have a baby together but, there was so much doubt that clouded that happy thought. You started to tear as you felt all of the anxiety build up inside. You needed to tell him. You needed to hear that its going to be okay from him. You needed him here with you right now. You needed to hear his voice. Unfortunately he was on tour and far from home. You looked at the clock. 6:00 p.m. He's probably super busy right now. You thought to yourself. I'll at least text him. You: Hey do you have time to talk? You watched the clock impatiently as the hours ticked by waiting for a response. Then suddenly your phone lit up. You sat up in your bed and entered your password. RM: Sorry about that baby I was busy. I can talk now. What's up? You: Namjoon...This is serious...this is huge..please understand everything I'm going to tell you. RM: Jagiya, what's the matter? You: I'm sorry... RM: Sorry for what? Baby just tell me.. You didn't text back for about hour. You know you needed to tell him you just didn't know how. You were scared of how he would react. You laid back on the bed and starred at the ceiling looking for an answer. At that moment your phone vibrated and the screen lit again. Incoming Call: Namjoon You hesitantly swiped the answer icon after taking a small pause. "H-Hello?" Your weak voice came. "Baby?" His deep voice was bitter sweet to your ears. "Namjoon..I'm sorry." Your voice cracked a little. "(Y/N), tell me what's wrong." "Are you alone?" You didn't want the others to know yet. "Yes its just Jin and I in our hotel room but he's asleep." You took a deep breath as you prepared yourself to spit out the news. "Jagiya.. A-are you breaking up with me?" His words made your eyes widen. "No! Not even close." He gave alittle sigh of relief mixed with impatience. "Namjoon..I..I..I'm with child." Silence. "N-Namjoon?..." Nothing. "Baby? Are you th-" Click.
*Hides* Sorry for the feeeeeels but I (J)hope you will wait till 11:15 for the next part ANNYEONG
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cute and awesome and just amazing
Omg Omg what!!!!! Noooo I need to continue reading....amazing!!!!