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All I want for Christmas are three things. Third is...
Himchan. He has the best facial expressions and I can't help but not to like him. He is fun and likes to do his best and just look at him! So Santa, I want Himchan just so I can look at him. Thank you. Second thing I want for Christmas is...
Yes G effing Dragon. How can you not want him for Christmas? I mean he is fun, nice, quiet, cheerful and a fashionista!! So Santa...could you please? And Fist place goes to my Bias!
Keep going down.
T.O.P is the first thing on my Christmas list. He's funny, cheerful, has great taste in furniture and interesting taste in art. He knows how to sing, rap and dance and has a voice that puts the best chocolate to shame. His eyes captivate you and his smile makes you breathless and makes you want to smile. When he laughs, it's like a kid that just got told he's going to Disney for the first time. So Santa, I want him, all of him. The dorkness that plays on jungle gyms. The adult that is wise and smart. The entertainer that will dance like nobody is watching in front of millions of VIPS. The one that has nothing to say but will always pay attention. The great man we all know and can't help but to love. The one that is named Choi Seung Hyun but called T.O.P. This can be the last present of my life. So Santa, just wrap his nice ass up in paper, stick a bow on that nice head and shove him down my chimney. I will 'like' my present for years. Thank you, love V.I.P.
there's my Christmas list. what is your Christmas list?
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