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The BTS Moments: Hope: Part 3 of a Namjoon Series
PAAAAAAART 3!!!!!!!! [Previously...] "Namjoon..I..I..I'm with child." Silence. "N-Namjoon?..." Nothing. "Baby? Are you th-" Click. [Flashback ends] "N-Namjoon..." You stood there, phone still to your ear, digesting what just happened. When realization hit you, your heart instantly broke. You closed your eyes tight as you sat on your bed trying to stiffle your sobs, clasping your hand over your mouth. "W-why..." you curled up in a fetal position. Your worst thoughts and doubts about the situation had come to life. You just wanted to give up but, you remembered that you weren't just giving up on yourself now. Your shaky hands traveled down to your stomach. A tear flooded over the corner of your eye. You knew you had to stay strong. It was going to be rough but you were going to do anything you had to. "I'm going to take care of you baby..." you now placed both of your hands upon your stomach and gave a sad smile. "I promise." You now had a smile of hope on your face as your cheeks were becoming stained with happy tears. You hit the side button on your phone to check the time. 8:00 pm You gave a small sigh. It was going to be a long night of no sleep and you knew that. So you just laid there, continuing to hold your stomach until you finally drifted off to sleep. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Knock Knock You were awaken by the sound of the wooden door. You groaned as you dragged yourself out of bed and went to answer it. "Who is it?" You called. No answer. You were going to peek through the small hole at the top but, you were too lazy so you just opened it. Your eyes widened as you focused your eyes on who it was. "Hey..." "Namjoon..." Your voice was quiet with shock.
Comment below what ya think! I'll tag in the comments <3 You guys have been AMAZING!!! LUV Ya my SugaKookies!!! Next Update: 11:40 (maybe earlier) Pt. 4 ;)
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