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Hi everyone
i guess its my turn i was tagged by @glo86
hi my name is well i don't like telling people my name so everyone calls me bunny or Chrissy im 29 years old and i live in grants pass, Oregon. i didn't get into k pop or k dramas until i was 19 i also love j pop,j rock,visual kei, Thai music and very little Chinese music. Last year in July i got my gallbladder removed due to the way i ate because i didn't care about myself anymore i spent 6 days in the hospital when i came home my mother and father had to do everything for me because they stapled my stomach i got stage 2 staph infection from the way the doctor office was taking care of me when i went to the wound clinic it took 2 months to heal me up all together it took 5 months for me to heal i still have problems from it to this day. this year on the one year anniversary of my surgery i pierced my own lip.
k pop has got me through alot in school i was bullied alot when i find k pop i was weak and about to give up my sister showed me big bang the first video i watched was fantastic baby i fell in love with T.O.P he seem so shy and cute in live performance he would hide behind the others until its time for him to sing. not long ago i find miyavi and he is the one i now look up to so pretty much i have two people i fangirl over well beside exo,got7,bts and many many more but when im really upset i run to T.O.P and miyavi.


my dream crush is well i have a few as you can see above T.O.P,miyavi,bambam and last but not least our prefect zelo from BAP what makes me love these guys are beyond words you know when you fangirl so hard you almost stop breathing you start crying and cant handle anything its almost like that but it would be like laying on a cloud you feel so safe and warm. ^.^


i'm dating an amazing guy who sadly lives in Alaska we knew each other before he moved away in 2002 so we kinda don't see each other much but we do Skype call a lot so its like his here his an IT tech for the state of Alaska he dont like k pop his more a anime guy i get him to watch so many k pop video tho its cute.

Romantic memory

hmmm i dont really have one but what i do have is a cute memory it was valentine's day last year i got my valentine box from my bf and inside was a card that read i seen on fb you said you found your kaito so i pack this lil guy as a stand in for me.

ideal partner

i already have one his smart,funny,cute and treats me like a person
well that me ^.^ once again i was tagged by @glo86 i'm tagging @DestinaByrd and anyone else who reads this want to do it just tag me ^.^ thanks everyone and have a very merry christams and happy new year <3 happy fangirling everyone!
Awww awesome! :) You and your bf are so cute together. I love TOP too, he's my fave <3_<3 Btw you can totally publish this to the Love & Relationship community!