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So guys this part is like 800 words lol so I'm sorry if your not used to reading so much BUT I promise it's worth it! [Previously] Knock Knock "Who is it?" "Hey..." "Namjoon..." [Flashback End] You stood there in complete shock. The person that hung up on you when you told them you were pregnant, the father, was standing in front if you. You took a small gulp before you spoke. "W-what are you doing here?" "I really needed to see you and plus I do kind of live here.." he gave a little chuckle. "Why would you want to see me?" You gave him a slight glare while crossing your arms. "Well you are my wife after all..." He rubbed the back of his neck at the word wife. He wasn't used to saying it much. You couldn't help but blush when he called you that only to furrow your brows again. "Baby you have every right to be upset with me-" he was cut off by a slap to the cheek. "Your damn right I do! How could you just hang up on me like that!?" You balled your fists. "W-what?" He rubbed his now red cheek as he spoke. "What the hell are you talking about?" You didn't answer but the way you starred daggers his way said it all. "Look I don't know what your talking about!" He grabbed your wrist. "Hey don't touch me you bastard!" You yanked your hand away from his grasp. "Why are you so fucking angry!?" He looked right into your eyes. "Don't give me that bullshit! You know exactly why-" You fell to your knees clutching your stomach. "(Y/N)!!" He rushed to your side trying to help. "G-get...t-the...hell a-away.." you managed to speak through gritted teeth still holding your stomach. "Like hell I will!" He searched quickly around the house. "W-what are you doing!?" you watched him. He didn't answer you as he finally found your phone in the bedroom and pressed the emergency call button. "911, What's your emergency?" "M-my wife..something's wrong!" For the first time in your life you saw Namjoon hold a new look on his face. Fear. His voice was shaking and he was pacing around talking to the operator. He then hung up and practically sprinted to your weak body. He grabbed your face and made you look at him. "Baby it's gonna be fine okay? Help is on the way!" He held you close as you both waited for help to come. "T-the... baby..."your voice was faint in his ear. "T-the baby? What are you-" His question was interrupted by the sound of the ambulance. Namjoon rushed them in to help you immediately. He watched as you were laid onto a stretcher. He never left your side as they rushed you into the back of their truck. "" your voice was still faint and quite weak. "W-why do you keep saying that baby?.. " You could see the tears that dared to spill over the edge in his eyes. All you could do was take his hand and place it on your stomach before it all went dark. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "(Y/N)." "(Y/N)!" "Please wake up baby!" You could hear Namjoon's voice but all you could see was darkness. You felt yourself being shaken a few moments later. You shook your head trying to wake up. "Namjoon please don't do that!" Who was that? It sounded like Jin. "Yea we don't need to stress her body out more." Was that Suga? "I'm sorry's just I really need her to wake up." You felt his hand move a hair out of your face. You gave a small groan but didn't wake up. " Thanks for coming down here guys." You heard him let out a sigh. "Its no problem. She's like a sister to us anyways." Suga said. "Yea it's no big deal." You heard Jin. "Namjoon?" You could hear him sniffling. Was he crying? "Sorry guys. I'm just really worried you know?" "Yea we know." "But what really scares me is that she kept saying 'the baby'.." 'Why would he be scared about that? He knows I'm having a baby. Right?' Wrong. "I have no idea what was going on she was so mad before this too...I don't know why. I know I couldn't contact her because I lost signal and she was probably worried sick but...I didn't know she would be this upset..." 'Oh no! He doesn't know about the pregnancy! Oh God I was such a bitch to him! I have to wake up! You began moving your head again along with your fingers trying your hardest. Your main goal was to open your eyes. Even though you were weak you still tried your hardest. You let out a groan and finally, light.
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