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I take a lot of selfies when I'm bored. I'm 21, I'll be 22 next August. I'm from Texas. I'm Hispanic. I speak English and Spanish. I know how to read and write English, Spanish and Korean. Been into K-pop since the middle of November of 2013.

Dream Crush

Well that would be Bang Yongguk. He's just the perfect man. His heart is just pure gold. He's so smart. He's so righteous. He's so caring and loving. He's just so beautiful. Everything about him is beautiful especially his heart and soul.

Relationship Status

Single. Never had a boyfriend. I've had two crushes though. one for about 8 years and the second one, maybe for 4 years.... it's okay. I got plenty of man candies. Yongguk and G-Dragon, Daehyun and Leo.

Best Gift I've Received

I guess it would be my Ford F-150 King Ranch, I received for my High School graduation. (that's not my truck, I don't have a picture of it on my phone so I just downloaded one)

Ideal Man

Someone who is caring with a great personality, a beautiful smile. *I tend to look at smiles. Someone who would get along with my family. Someone who would only love me. Someone who is righteous.
@MadAndrea thanks for tagging me. :)
haha thank you. even though it's gonna be 11 years old on new year's eve @MadAndrea
I'm jelly of that truck 😍