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I'm dead ! I swear EXO's trying to kill me. Unfair is such a fun and cute song. I can tell that they're having fun when they're performing it. And I'm having fun watching them.

Kai looks so cute in them glasses. I can't. He's not even my bias. And that line, 엄아야, is the cutest thing ever!!! Sehun just looks so cute and happy. Honestly, everyone is slaying me at this point.
This performance was absolutely adorable. I don't know why people are saying that EXO copied BTS with the whole "dressing up as different occupations" thing. But the LAST thing I thought of was BTS while I was watching EXO.
Whoever's idea it was to have EXO wear Santa suits is a genius!!! They look so darn cute, I can't. Kai legit looks like the cutest reindeer ever. And Sehun with curly hair? Yes, gawd! Baekhyun giving me sexy Santa? Yes, yes, and YES!!!
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I DIED TOO OMG ヽ(;▽;)ノ