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So this comment I made is in response to an idiot who said that Muslims should be searched before entering into crowded areas, and then when my friend tried to defend herself and her religion, was called rude by said person. To the idiot who posted this and then deleted my comment, please go fuck yourself.
It is people like you who make my best friend question whether or not she should come back to America because she does not feel safe (even though she knows that I will defend her to the end). And, in my opinion, it is people like you that are the true terrorists.
Because I am a good person I will not name names, but I hope you see this and realize what a shitty person you are. I hope that one day you will meet a Muslim, sit down and have a conversation with them, and listen to who they are as a person. You will find that they are as innocent as you claim to be, and that all the stereotypes you hold them up to are not true. Yes this post makes me seem like a bitch, but, like I said, I will defend my friend to the end. She is the nicest person I have ever met and the thought of her reading hate posts and being looked down upon because of other idiots in the world pisses me off and I am not afraid to say something about it. I don't hate people hate Muslims due to terrorists because I do feel that everyone had the right to their own opinion, but I do hate people who do not keep an open mind, block out those who feel differently than what they do, and spread irrational hate towards a group of people they haven't even tried to get to know . Please don't be that type of person.