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Recently, veteran singer In Soon Yi created “Hamil School,” which is a boarding school for children of multicultural families. The 55-year-old singer In Soon-yi is the child of a Korean mother and a black American father who was serving in the Korean war is one of the leaders in trying to overcome the difficulties of being mixed-race in Korea. As the principle and the founder, In Soon Yi announced, “I wanted to help the children of multicultural families with the difficulties, loneliness and pain, as well as show them the love and encouragements. I was able to live as a proud Korean, and I will do my best to help these children to do the same.” The word “Hamil” refers to a clear sky after rain. It is In Soon Yi’s wish that she will be able to give hope to the children of multicultural families. Meanwhile, “Hamil School” provides total of six years of education, which includes middle and high school courses. Sidenote: I have heard of and witnessed the problems multicultural families face living in Korea and I am glad to hear that someone is trying to help :)
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I think this is a wonderful idea, and I wish there were more people on board.