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Love bug challenge


Not technically a selfie but it's the only picture I have that's not covering my face :3

2) dream crush

Y'all already know my bias, my husband, my love, my oppa, my everything! 😍😍😍 he the G to the D BITCHES !!!

3) current status

Like many others, I too am a single Pringle not ready to mingle but ready to play bingo ☺️😘💕

4) most romantic memory or moment??

The time when I fell asleep during my schools winter concert and my crush "tapped my shoulder" making me almost fall off my chair •-• XD jk I don't have a romantic moment.... Maybe in the near future :D

5) ideal partner

Someone who is "one of a kind" xD xD but yes, I would like to have someone who is just weird and out of the ordinary then most guys out there, this meme pretty much says it all xD 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻
Mingles Pringles and Bingo.....who knew.
Those memes though omg
Our standard is high... how can we find anyone ..Handsome as TOP.. Cute as GD.. Smile like Taeyang... Sweet like Daesung.. and Funny like Seungri......we might die as single..😎😎😎😎
That Daesung meme! Not only has Kpop ruined us, but GD most of all! Seriously, how can we even look at the guys around us and be content?
I love this! That meme is too perfect😂😂 after seeing most I these it's safe to say all of us are single and probably will be for the rest of our lives since Kpop ruined us
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