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MARK: Jackson has been very distant lately. Every time he stares at me he quickly looks away and keeps on walking. Is it because of what happened at the bathroom last week?. To be honest i've been feeling weird since that day. The kind of feeling you casually get when you want someone to kiss you, could i really be falling for Jackson because of that?. How can i tell him?, will that ruin or friendship?, aish!!! so many questions!
JACKSON: I don't think Mark has noticed. That day..... that feeling...... could it be?.
As i sit down at the desk i can see Mark staring at me. I walk up to him out of no where i grabbed his arm and took him to a room that the school rarely uses and locked the doors closing the windows with the dark curtains. I push him to the wall and leaned closer. "Why do you keep staring at me?!". i ask frustrated and unable to control my feelings for him. He took a long time but not an answer. He then graves my waist and leans closer. "you're the one staring at me". he says.
MARK: Jackson rapidly graves my neck and starts kissing me. I didn't stop him, that feeling that i had for him since the day i met him had come to its point where i wanted him..... i wanted him to be mine. I remove his shirt off and run my fingers through his back down and it wasn't surprising that it got him excited. He sits me on a metal box and takes off my shirt pushing me to the ground and right there his kiss got more passionate and i stopped trying to control him. I rushed my hand through his hair and then his chest. what is this feeling over taking me?!
JACKSON: I hear Mark whispering my name in my ear as he drops down to my neck kissing it all over and then moving down to my chest. He moves back up to my face and his kiss got deeper and stronger. i didn't realize Mark was this crazy nor was i this crazy. He then moves back down to my chest but this time he slowly pulls down my boxers and really i didn't hesitate to let it happen..... right now i was at breakthrough and wanted him whole.
He then does the things i had only thought of inside my head, the satisfaction i was receiving right now was like no other and i didn't want it to stop.
@VeronicaArtino ..of. course..you know me Marksonian to the bones ..lol
oh my naughty little boys making me blush. love it
@luna1171 you are very welcome. I figured you might enjoy this
@LenaBlackRose lol today
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