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heres a selfie, I was tagged in this challenge from @LexTay327 and @glo86. im 17 years old from Missouri
DREAM CRUSH is Kim Taehyung i love this boy
STATUS Im single but thats ok its less drama and im not ready to be dating anyway
ROMANTIC MEMORY I dont have any (thats really sad)
IDEAL PARTNER Someone who well care for me, love me for me, wont care about the bad stuff people say about me, well slowly get me use to being with another human, funny, caring,
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yea but there in more relationship then me they know what to do then me so its weird @RaquelArredondo
Aww this was so cute and fun!
awe so cute.
@amandamuska hahah yeah that's true. They maybe just want a friend to listen to them. Listening isn't the same as hearing you know? ^^
yea im always there for my friends @RaquelArredondo