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1• SELCA So this is the most recent selca I have. That is my mum and I, being dorks. Because who doesn't want to take a selca with a card board standee?
2• DREAM CRUSH Here I go, saying 3 of my top biases... But like, they're all so perfect. Need I say more? Plus I'm terrible with words and haven't been sleeping so if I even attempted to explain feelings, your brain would explode. True fact.
3• CURRENT STATUS umm. Dating isn't really a priority right now for me. I'm only 15, I'm still a child. I'm waiting for one of my biases to realize that he loves me, that is priorities.
4• ROMANTIC MEMORY One time I forced my kitty to cuddle with me and he stayed. I think it's true love.
5• WHAT DO YOU LOOK FOR IN A PARTNER? I am such a strange person... If some one can last more than a week with me, they deserve an award. Someone that understands me, will listen to me, will take care of me when I'm PMSing and won't get offended by my sass. He must go on adventures with me. Whether it be to the other side of the world, or just around the corner. ALSO HE MUST BE OKAY WITH HAVING LIKE 100+ CATS! GO GO GADGET JACKSON! Darn it! It didn't work!
Yup! Okay. It's only 10:40am and I already want to give up. So excuse me while I slip away and hide under my blankets until I feel better. I love you all!! I'm still so bad at vingle so I'm just going to tag some people that I usually do. @ercurrent @Emealia @destiny1419 @Kpopandkimchi @RihannaTiaMay @B1A4BTS5ever @baekyeol27 @thePinkPrincess @OliviaZenger @AimeeH @SaraVanDorn @tayunnie @KpopGaby @KellyOConnor @DeniseiaGardner @Jiyongixoxo
I feel all this on a spiritual level.
especially a selca with a screaming cardboard standee :) awesome! nothing wrong with being strange, take pride in your strangeness! It's FUN being the fruit loop in a world full of cheerios!
You're both cute :D hahah I feel you're pain. I'm waiting for my bias to know that we're in a relationship hahah so you're good ^^
cute~ I love cats too! I'm seriously considering just being single the rest of my life and have tons of furbabies lol
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