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Hey guys sup this is kalyan i wanted to know why you love anime well if its going to be i love anime because i watch it well i won't consider you as a otaku at all. so if you are a real otaku let me know in the comments section below why you love anime!. until then next time guy's see ya!
because anime does the impossible, and makes it look good. Anime teaches lessons, and shows a different kind of life. Anime is more unique than any other kind of shows in existence, anything can happen. Anime shows us people can sometimes have good sides.
Anime has spoken some of the emotions I'm unable to put into words, just like music. It's relatable yet speaks to your creative side. I also think it helps give muses the push they need sometimes
because of the lessons they impart, as well as watching art in motion. there are so many more possibilities within the scope of anime narratives.
I love anime because it's like a second world I can escape to where I have something to do or someone to think about
something to escape reality and make me happy if I were to say it in a few words BECAUSE I LIVE FOR IT 馃槀
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