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You walk along the road, not knowing when you are going to stop. At least it is somewhere. Why do you walk for so long? That, you do not know the reason. Where is it you are going, is too a mystery. All you know is that the heaviness that once sat on your heart, has begun to lighten. The heavy burdens that once weighed you down, have begun to fall off your skin. The dirt that once seeped into your heart and threatened to destroy it, have begun to dissipate. This feeling of being bothersome has vanished, too. Why? You do not know the reason. For going somewhere and that is what counts. Today's burden is tomorrows dream, that roles off in the morning. Stretch your legs and get up. For today is a new day.
that's beautiful. thank you for sharing.
Wow...well said ^^ this was a great way to start my day :)
I agree Raquel and Vin, I really liked this :) it's so true, too - when you're feeling bad and you get up and just get moving, get out of whatever situation has got you feeling stuck, you just feel so much better. it's even better when you're walking somewhere as scenic as that illustration :)
This is so lovely. I had a really bad day yesterday, and I woke up, and felt just like this. Wonderful use of words. Beautiful photo. Good vibes. Glad I read this!