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I didn't grow up believing in Santa.

I was raised in a religious household and although I would dabble in all the fun Christmas movies that revolved around the idea of Santa Claus and the North Pole, I knew he was fictional. I knew those gifts that ended up underneath the tree every single year appeared there because of my parents. I mean c'mon, why else would they be wrapping gifts on Christmas Eve? Once I realized the truth behind the gifts, I started writing a list every single year right after Thanksgiving passed and I would place it on the refrigerator door for everyone to see. No worries, I don't do that anymore because I am well off and although gifts are great, family is the greatest gift of all.
Part of me still has those moments where I browse the web for things I want, but I know I can purchase myself. It takes me back to my childhood and I love that feeling. I miss placing my short, yet somewhat expensive list of 'must-haves' on the refrigerator. I figured why not share my wants with my Vingle fam instead this year and hopefully you all will be willing to do the same. Keep scrolling to see a few goodies I'm drooling over and would love to see wrapped nicely underneath of the tree, but I'll patiently wait until pay day for.

Crosley Portable Record Player

I've been wanting a record player for quite some time now, I just haven't had the opportunity to order one yet. I've heard mixed reviews on the Crosley players [the model seen above], but they seem to be the most trendiest in my opinion.

Donna Salyers' Faux Fur Collar Faux Suede Coat

The moment I laid eyes on this coat, it was instantly love at first sight. Perfect for the chilly NYC weather I currently live in. I think it's absolutely gorgeous and not to mention on trend with the fur and suede detailing.

Dolce Vita Ileen Fringe Bootie

Can I just say how amazing these boots would look with the coat seen above? Talk about perfection. Suede heaven for sure.

See, I don't ask for much.

To make things interesting and fun. If you would like, create a list of your own. I would love to see what you're currently drooling over at the moment. Remember, it's just for fun and it doesn't have to be fashion or beauty related.
my college degree that's about it lol
Never believed in Santa either it just didn't make sense to me especially since I didn't believe in magic either. Considering I'm only 17 I still live with my parents and they FORCE me to make a list (honestly I would be happy with whatever ) I do have one but it's long too long. At first it wasn't but my mom kept calling it boring so I kept adding to it. Filled a whole pg and my mom still called it boring :(
馃槏oh God! those shoes... I'll believe in Santa for those shoes 馃槏
@SydneyHogg You go girl!!! :D You can do it!
AWww @SydneyHogg I like your list. Good luck to you! Education is awesome
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