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hey guys I'm thinking of growing my beard out in a cool way but I don't have any ideas anyone got any thoughts about it. :)
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@shannonl5. yeah but I don't know what I should do. I need I deas but I'll see
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@DavidPap gotcha. I don't have beard growing skills unfortunately haha
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hahaha @shannonl5. it's ok but like as a girl what kind of beard would like a guy to have.
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@DavidPap haha I guess I haven't thought about it much since most of the guys I've dated had to be clean shaven for work most of the time. I definitely love mustaches though haha. Glad those are making a comeback. Honestly all I really care about is that it's clean and trimmed
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I think girls have different preferences. I know for me, I am prefer beards. But I prefer something in between that first and last pic.
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