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so I haven't really dug up much on them since thus just happened an hour ago. but what really got me was RAP MONSTER!!!! here is why........
so he opens the video of dope and BOOM!! I am hit with a major weakness the dimple I mean holy glory no man should be blessed like this.
then they hit me in my other soft spot with what has got to be the prettiest man I have every seen. my eyes ate him up.....can you guess who?
forget guessing ima tell you jungkook is beautiful I mean the guy looks like he hasn't hit puberty yet. but that's not going to stop me from looking.
I still have 5 more of these hot boys to get to know. I am excited.
We make um... very interesting memes and... uh... you'll see xD @GailGuerrero @kat121 (amirite? XD)
Haha seriously, welcome to the ARMY it is pretty scary. These gorgeous boys are not just beautiful. They are also weird, adorable, dorky and very very addictive.
Oh my goodness welcome to the (scary) world of ARMY's...our fandom is the scariest 馃槀馃槀馃槀
I felt scared for a minute there with all the beware comments. but I'm a tough cookie so I'm down. super excited that I found another group to get my teeth in. I think rap monster is going to be my bias for a long time.
Welcome to this weird and crazy Fandom!! Just saying picking a bias is almost impossible. Their dorkiness and silliness will be the cause of many fits of laughter. Dying from over beautifulness, sexiness, and cuteness is a normal thing LOL
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