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In 2015, Drake had the Midas touch, as everything he touched turned to gold.
While Drake saw great success with his music, the Toronto emcee also ventured into the fashion realm. The Toronto rapper was honored alongside Southpaw actor Jake Gyllenhaal and other influential men in the designer's "Lips & Boys" collection.

According to Elle, the lipstick sold out in minutes after being put up for sale both online and in-store.

Upon hearing the news that his lipstick sold out in five minutes, Drake hopped on social media to share his thoughts on the matter with his fans.
"My mom bought all of them. Hey Ma," he writes in an Instagram post.Drake's lipstick is now available at eBay and is being auctioned off for significantly higher than its retail price of $35.

With the success of the lipstick, do you think Drake will create a full makeup line in the near future?

@jordanhamilton Ya hear that, girl?? πŸ˜‚
Which lipstick by TF was this? What color? And was it a matte or a shimmer or gloss? @christianmordi
Yes!!! I'm not surprised at all!!! Amazing. I mean it is drake of course πŸ’πŸ½ @AlloBaber thanks for the tag