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Not so long ago, Popsugar released an article called ‘Kylie Jenner Is Basically A Mix of All Of Your Favorite Latina Celebrities.’ When I first saw the title penetrate through my computer screen, I stopped whatever I was doing and stared at the headline and my refined mouth blurted out, “what the holy fuck is this?”
And I wasn’t the only one.
The internet went wild with wrath. The article compared Kylie Jenner to different celebrities, even the iconic Selena Quintanilla -- the Latina star who is so dear to our hearts. The article was taken down by Popsugar after anger shook their site. They of course issued an apology, and their statement reads:
“We hear your feedback on the original content of this post was loud and clear. As proud Latinas ourselves, we know that Kylie is not Latina and never meant to imply that she was; we were simply trying to point out the influence our strong, passionate community has on others. We apologized for any offense we caused.”
Those who vocalized their opinions on this article had one recurring statement: we want actual Latinos to actually represent Latinos. Makes sense, right?
Well now We Are Mitú, a content site that is focused on the Latino market came out with a new article called “Reasons Why We’re Crowning Queen Bey An Honorary Latina.”
Their Facebook headline for the post reads:

“How Beyonce Might Be More Latina Than You.”

According to the article, some of the reasons why Bey is an honorary Latina is because:
1) She shakes her hips like a Latina
2) Her besties are Latina
3) “We’re just gonna say it. She’s basically a Tejana.”
And guess what? The internet is not having it. I want to also just say this: the Latino culture is more than just having Latino friends and being able to shake your ass while reggaeton bleeds through the speakers. This reminds me of when people would say, “oh, I am more black than you because I listen to so-and-so rapper and I can twerk better than you.”
No honey, no.

Check out some of the comments on We Are Mitú’s post:

(By the way, the comment about Bey not being brown enough to be consider Latina is stupid. Shame on you commenter. Where my Black Latinas at?!)
Getting to the point of all of this...
What do you think about We Are Mitú's article? Should people be as upset with it as they were with Popsugar's? You can read their controversy article right here.
I think that a big problem has to do with the lack of representation. I don't think we have strong Latino role models to represent the culture. To me it looks like that has made Latino into a look. We shouldn't be pushing a culture on people but I believe that popsugar should have the sense to not name a person a latina fashion icon based solely on wearing a crop top like belinda or dressing like selena. /rant over
I really do think we have great representations, it's just that they are not who the camera lenses want to focus on. I do see what you mean about the article that Popsugar made. They realized what they did was stupid, so they got rid of the article. Unfortunately as for We Are Mitu...they still have their article up. But what I think is bizarre is that We Are Mitu bashed Popsugar for writing about Latinas & Jenner... but We Are Mitu sorta did the same thing with Beyonce. Ughhh @hhead232
I'm not a latinos as far as I know, But I love them for their respectful was ways, also I totally agree with y'all and The Card statements. It's about All Our Culture to stand Strong.
al pacino played scar face Lou diamond Phillips played la bamba forget that singers name valens or something like that plus countless other times Latinos played by other ethnicities in movies so Latinos always have been kinda pushed aside its jus how it is all I can I do is teach my son's real Latino history and tell other ppl my friends co-workers and other ppl I encounter what a Latino really is and maybe the stereo type will ease off a bit but I do think that for the most part Latinos are a mix bag of ppl jus like an other race religion or nationality.
Dang, I missed both of these articles but it really feels like they should have known better than to try and boil down being Latina into something so small. It's an experience, not three things on a checklist. It's not like being say- a baseball fan where you can say "likes baseball, goes to games, and has a favorite team". I think you brought up a really good point @hhead232 it's frustrating that the media is choosing not to represent this identity because it means that there are so few moments in the spotlight for the people that genuinely live this experience and embody it fully- instead of just fitting into the narrow box of 'likes dancing and speaks Spanish' (which isn't everyone's experience and it shouldn't be the only one we see).
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