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[Previously] 'Oh no! He doesn't know about the pregnancy! Oh God I was such a bitch to him! I have to wake up!' You began moving your head again along with your fingers trying your hardest. Your main goal was to open your eyes. Even though you were weak you still tried your hardest. You let out a groan and finally, light. [Flashback End] "J-Joonie...." "(Y/N).." His face lightened up almost instantly at the sight of his beautiful wife's (e/c) eyes. He intertwined your fingers together and smiled. "Joonie..." You gave him a tiresome smile. Your voice was very weak but he was just happy you were alive. You gently caressed his face with a shaking hand. At this point Jin and Suga had left you two to be reunited. "I..I'm so sorry..." You were on the verge of tears. You felt so bad for how you treated him. He doesn't even know your pregnant! Or was pregnant for all you know. "Don't apologize baby I know I should have called before i-" You cut him off. "No. That's not why I'm apologizing..." You looked away from him feeling ashamed. "W-what for then?" You now looked at him in the eyes. "I was a complete bitch to you! You didn't even know-" you covered your mouth. You never planned on telling him like this. "What? What don't I know?" He placed his hands on your shoulders with all seriousness. "Namjoon I-" You were interrupted by a immense amount of pain in your stomach. You curled up in the bed, clutched your stomach, and hollered in pain. "Jagi!" He had that rare look of fear on his face again. "Its ok I called for help!" He held your hands tight. His grip made it seem like he would never let go. (Jack I'll never let go! XD sorry someone was thinking it anyways lol) "'ve got to know!!...." your teeth were gritted the pain was unbearable. "Jagi we have to get you help first! Don't worry about it!" He just wanted you to get better he didn't care what you had to say right now. "B-but-" another sharp pain interrupted you as you spoke. At that moment, a raid of nurses rushed into the room and tried to help calm you down. Poor Namjoon had been pushed and shoved out of the way and into the hall. He kept peeking into the small window on the door trying to see you. His nerves were shot. He paced back and forth terrified for the worst. He called the two boys to see if they were still somewhere in the hospital. He needed his best friends with him right now. First he called Jin but he didn't pick up. So he called Suga and after several rings he answered. "Hey man, what's up?" "(Y/N) had another stomach episode.." Namjoons voice was shaky and it was obvious to Suga how concerned it was. "Ok were on our way up now." Namjoon hung up but not until after hearing Suga saying 'Jin stop stuffing your face with those damn muffins! We gotta go!' Namjoon was still worried but that made him smile a little. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It had been a few days since you had your little episode and you were doing way better. You were sitting up in your hospital bed reading a book that Namjoon had brought you. He was so sweet. Thinking about him you looked at the clock on your phone. 2:44 p.m. 'He should be coming in at any second now' You nodded and sat your book down on a small table. You quietly watched the door waiting for your husband. 2:50 p.m. You were still watching the door. Waiting. Your face fixed in a frown and arms crossed. 3:00 p.m. You were about to give up when you saw a sweaty Namjoon burst through the door with a huge bag in his hand. "Its about time." A pout was plastered to your face. "Sorry jagi." He was panting because of the amount of rushing he did to get here in time. "I couldn't find my choker, then some pompous ass said that they had a dress code at (Favorite Fancy Restaurant) so I had to go all over town looking for someone that served (favorite dish) WITHOUT a damn dress code. " as he spoke he placed the bag on a chair and handed you the dish. You accepted it politely and listened. "Then the elevator was fucking BROKEN by the time I got here so I had to use the stairs!" You laughed at his little rant. Ever since you told him you were pregnant, not any more, he would practically go through hell to see you as much as possible. And every time he visited it would end the same way, both of you cuddling in your small hospital bed and his deep voice whispering in your ear. "When your well, healthy and can get out of here, let's start a family. This time a well planned one..." You would both smile and share a soft gentle kiss before just getting lost into each other's eyes. Ending the day in the most perfect way possible.
Dying as we speak 馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏
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ugh why you gotta be so cute
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