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About Me:

Hiiiiii // ❤︎ I'm Angie. I'm 22 but my maturity level says otherwise XD I don't usually like doing these bc I can't ever figure out what to say but I keep getting tagged so here goes!
I am currently a student hoping to become a vet. I don't really know when I got into K-Pop for sure but I've probably been a fan of Kdramas a lot longer. All bc of Youtube. Lol Youtube was my gateway into this abyss. XD
When I'm not listening to K-Pop/Rap or watching dramas/variety shows I like to draw. I mean, GD's portrait is practically done but I just don't know how to tackle that hair lol it takes me a REALLY long time to finish things bc ...i don't like to admit it but i'm a bit of a perfectionist lol
**Also, please excuse my selfie. I don't have any recent ones except from Halloween lol

Dream Crush:

This sexy thangg right here. I become the thirstiest little sh*t. And I have no shame

Relationship Status:

@StephanieDuong I'm with you girl.
Technicallyyyyy, I'm single. But I'm also in a committed relationship with TOP, Jay, Dean, Jimin...I can't tell every detail of my affairs.
I'm delusional, I know ...

Most Happiest Memory:

I don't think I've ever had a srsly happy memory. There's good and bad in every memory. Idk. Lol
** Here's a gif to compensate lololol

Ideal Type:

Well, exterior appearances come and go so...
-I love to laugh. Anyone who can make me laugh is alright with me (:
I guess I don't really have a type lol I would say someone who doesn't smoke but TOP smokes and I love him to the moon and back so? ...XD
Some type of sexy
Okay I'm done lol
I tag those who haven't done it yet!
😏😏😏 @PassTheSuga
@aabxo I'm so your type.
(◍•ᴗ•◍)♡ ✧*。 @BiancaMason @nenegrint14
lol I love the gifs you used!!
the hyung one (/♥\) like i cant even
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