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Hey everyone I was tagged by @alywoah. Sorry it took me a few days. I tag @AlloBear 1) What name do you go by: jazz or jazzy 2) Background: I am mixed! My mom is from Puerto Rico. My dad is from Nicaragua. 3) Favorite Latin Food: I really love pernil, pasteles, fried pork chops, habichuelas guisadas. 4) Favorite music genre: christian music, bachata, merengue. 5) Which celebrity do you get mistaken for? I have never been compared to any celebrity before. Maybe Im just uniquely created lol. 6) What do you miss most about being a kid? I miss being a tomboy with all the boys in the block. Playing and not having a care in the world. 7) When was the last time you were nervous? When I got up to Sing in church recently. 8) If you can date any Latino/a in the world, who would it be? I always liked Antonio bandera as a child from zorro and Emilio Larrosa. 9) Favorite Latin drink: jugo de mora de en agua, horchata, morir soñando. 10) What's your favorite part of the Latino culture? I love the unit within family, food, countries beuties. Answer the questions and then add the card to the Latino Culture community! :) And you don't have to be Latino to do this. Lol.
I was a tomboy too! Haha definitely something i miss too (;
Awesome @jazziejazz!! Beautiful selfie! :D ...did you mean to tag me by chance? Hehe ^.^ You said AlloBear but I think you may have meant AlloBaber! :D
@alywoah Im warming up to it in English.. more Spanish songs than anything.
Nicaragua yaasss. That's where my best friend is from. Are you the type to listen to Christmas music all year long? I have it on blast during the summer lol.
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