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As filming came to an end, you and Jimin had returned to your dressing rooms to change and leave to dinner with Jimin's parents. "Jimin,when are your parents meeting us?" You asked as you guys hugged. "At 7. It's already 5:30 so do you wanna head home to get a bit of rest or just go straight to the restaurant?" Jimin asks "Hmmm let's go home. I gotta change and shower" you say tiredly. Jimin nods and leads you out to the car As you get in the car,you instantly fall asleep and Jimin drives holding your hand. While driving,Jimin gets a call that his parents couldn't make it to dinner so you wake up in bed with a missing Jimin. "Jimin,are you there?" You say as you start to get up. With no answer,you walk out of the room to see him in the kitchen cooking and singing/dancing away. "Jimin.." you say weakly. As you saw him turn around, you saw him running towards you..but why? Then you blacked out."Y/N..Y/N! Are you okay? Y/N!" Jimin didn't know happened but took you to the hospital and found out what had happened. You woke up in the hospital looking for help. You saw Jimin. "Jimin..babe.." you said but got no response. "Y/N..your pregnant. Did you know that?" Jimin says coldly. Wasn't this a good thing you thought. *Jimin's point of view* Pregnant! How could this happen?! What about Bangtan,what would happen? This is bad,manager hyung couldn't find out. We'll break up. It'll be better this way. *Your point of view* Ummm..I'm pregnant. This is good right? Me and Jimin will be happy and have a family. But why is he so cold to me? "Y/N..let's break up" he finally says "Wh-what? Jimin are you serious. I'm pregnant and you want to break up?!" You say almost shouting "Yea I'm serious. It's not gonna help my career to have a child. Unless...."he says "No! No what the hell Jimin! I'm not going to have an abortion for your career!" You say "Y/N it's not hard they have clinics and we'll still be together..." Jimin says pleadingly "You know what, let's break up then. You want me but not the baby. How could you?! It's your child and you don't even want it!" You say "Y/N...It's not that-" he starts to say "Leave. Get out of my room. I don't what to be part of your life if you act like this" you say. Jimin leaves and tears slowly fall. How could he you thought. What was going to happen now? You couldn't go home and you didn't want your parents to worry. But you had to tell was the only help you would get. *1 week later* You got discharged from the hospital. All of your clothes were at the apartment you and Jimin shared. You call your best friend (use your best friends name) F/N to pick you up and go with you to the apartment. F/N arrived and you two get to the apartment. First you didn't think anyone was there so you entered slowly,looking at memories you and Jimin shared. You enter the bedroom to see Jimin and some other woman in bed together. You ran out to your friend as she asked "Y/N what's wrong" F/N asks. "Lets just go i don't need any of my stuff" you say between tears. "Y/N.." Jimin says" wait..Y/N."Too late. You and F/N left before he could catch up. "Y/ need to eat. It's not healthy for you or the baby" F/N says "Its okay. I'm not even hungry" you say "Y/N it's been 2 weeks. You need to eat" she says. It's true. It's been 2 weeks without Jimin but he probably didn't even care about you anymore. You ate the food and went to sleep. Not wanting to do anything. *Jimin's point of view* I miss her. I made a mistake but she won't want me back. She stayed with me when I didn't do well but I couldn't even help her this once. Jimin you idiot. You didn't deserve Y/N in the first place. A couple drinks then the pain will disappear which is why she saw me with someone else in the first place. " this you" F/N asks "This is Jimin and you are?" He replied "I'm Y/N's friend F/N. She's not eating and i think it's cause of the break up." F/N says "F/N Why isn't she eating?!? Please tell her to eat! She can't do this to herself. It was my fault not hers!" Jimin says almost on the verge of tears. Did he do this? "Tell me where you are please" he says. F/N gives him the address and he rushes over
there will be other parts coming soon☺
@clstap1 thank you. that really means a lot
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