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I honestly had no idea what this was haha I had to read everyone's (that tagged me in it) to get an understanding of what I needed to do.
Numero 1: Selfie Well there's my weird ass face haha. Yes I know, whoa to close! I'm sorry I just prefer taking photos of my ugly face close up. I suck at taking selfies from afar, plus close up selfies make me look skinny 😆 I should start wearing my hair like that again. I used to pin my hair back but now I just let my bangs go crazy and I keep flipping them back. ANYWAYS getting off track here. Hi my name is Maritza Andrea Muñoz. They call me Mari I'm 18, just turned this past summer, I live in Texas but like SOUTH Texas like so south I'm 30 minutes away from Mexico south. I'm Mexican America first generation😁 I understand Spanish but I suck at replying. I really want to be fluent in Korean. I'm studying to be a Medical Assistant and will be graduating April or May of next year. My favorite American shows are: Teen Wolf I mean like c'mon shirtless guys hell yeah! Then you have nerdy Stiles❤️ Arrow Wooo Oliver Queen ❤️❤️❤️ Flash BARRY ALLEN cutest nerd ever! I came into the KPOP world May of this year. I'M SO NEW 😱😱 but I love it☺️ K Dramas are my shiteu! Man I love those dramas! They get me so pumped up! Like WOOOO BREAK SOME HEARTS!!! 99% of the time I'm cursing out the bitch of the show telling her to go fuck herself. Oh yeah I swear a lot especially when I rant or when I'm with my friend Brittany. I LOVE BOOKS!!! But it has to catch my attention. You just can't buy me a book and expect me to read it. First (yes sadly I judge a book by its cover) if it has a captivating cover you better believe I'm going to open that book. If it doesn't pull me in within the first chapter I won't read it. I love to write (currently writing Jackson Wang Pt 9 VERY LONG CHAPTER) I'm also writing a drama like an official Drama
Number 2! DREAM CRUSH My dream crush is my UB Jackson❤️ I just love him so much. He has such a beautiful smile, he's so silly, he's caring, his laugh is like angels singing to me. My second type of dream crush is Jungkookah ❤️ I love Jungkook because his smile is also beautiful, he looks like he can be the schools bully but is a true teddy bear, likes to pick on his Hyungs, and we're the same age; of course I'm like 1 1/2 months older but it's not that much of a difference.
Current Status I'm single🎉 I've been single for about close to two years already. I miss having someone to be spending time with but I don't see myself with a husband. If I were to have kids I've decided to have a donor unless I've found someone that I truly care about.
4. Most Romantic Memory Ugh I'm going to cry while writing this. So this guy and I had been going on and off but we never dated I was just his rebound girl. Then my senior year we had gotten closer than ever and I thought that we were finally official...I was wrong. But the most romantic memory that I have was when I was walking down the hallway at school heading to my next class; the guy that I was his rebound saw me and walked quickly over to me and just embraced me and spun me around. Then he said "I missed you." While holding me close to his chest.
5. THE PERFECT PARTNER The perfect partner for me is someone who can make me happy when I'm sad just by smiling. I want someone who I can be best friends with but still have that relationship you have with the person you love. I want to be with someone who can derp faces with me and just have a bunch of laughs. Someone I can have pizza and movie nights with or just play video games. I want someone who enjoys me watching anime or K dramas. They don't have to enjoy it themselves I just don't want them to be judging me for it. I want someone who excepts me for me. I want someone who can play childhood games with me. I want someone who's fun and goofy but knows when to be serious at the right moments.
Tagging anyone and everyone who sees this. I'm not on my desktop so I can't really tag people since I suck at memory. So if you read this I just tagged you😁 Hopefully I did this correctly.