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Stylish Keychains That Every Fashionista Must Invest In
I remember back in the day when friends or family went on vacations they would always come back with keychains as souvenirs. I always felt super cool adding a new keychain to my collection that surrounded all but one key. Fast forward a little over a decade later and keychains are the rage again, but this time they've gotten a makeover.
In 2015, keychains took over every fashion girls keys. The more fashionable the keychain, the more fashionable the girl. I must admit, I fell victim to the trend and gave in and purchased a keychain that I am literally obsessed with. Keep scrolling to see some of the trendiest and stylish keychains that took over keys and zippers on bags this year.

Would you deck your keys out in any of these cool keychains?

They look like Tribbles.....or maybe furballs chewbacca coughed up
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πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ lol definitely a good comparison. I like the second one the best @InPlainSight
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