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1.Selfie This is my face. Im 16 going to be 17 in February. My hair is emerald green but sometimes it looks aqua. I speak a small amount of Spanish,i'm learning Korean and I speak english. I want to learn Japanese.
2.Dream Crush I can't pick so these are my top four. 1. Mark Tuah 2. BamBam 3.Rap Monster 4. Jay Park
3. Current Status Im a single potato but that's ok that leaves more time for school and kpop.
4.Most Romantic Memory I don't have any.
5.Perfect Partner Someone thats loves kpop,sweet and someone who is okay with my lack of affection/emotion. (that sounds so mean but its the easiest way I can explain it)
I was tagged by @Ligaya and @herreravanessa9 I don't know who to tag so if you are reading this you can do it.