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I've been wanting to make a card about certain anime/manga that I haven't seen a lot of discussion about (mainly anime.) I've been thinking about this since I posted "Read This Manga!" which you can view by clicking on it! And while I'm on the subject, I completely forgot to post two of my favorite characters from that manga!
Luki and Noki are quite adorable! If you're wondering about their eyes, they're different colors and opposite from each other. I don't want to spoil anything, so you should totally check out "Read This Manga!" and well... read the manga! lol Also these pics aren't mine! I'm quite horrible at drawing lol
Now back to what I need help with!!
I was thinking of posting a maybe five part collection about anime I haven't seen much discussion about, or at all. It would contain three animes per card with plot, ratings (ex. rated everyone to rated mature) and possibly my two cents on what I remember about the series. This doesn't necessarily mean I've seen the whole entire series of the animes I bring up, or that I've watched them recently (but they're interesting in my opinion.) Actually, I want to rewatch some of them since it's been so long. Regardless of new or old, I thought it would be fun! And it could possibly give people some new shows to watch! I will try and answer questions about the series as best as I can, although google might be helpful too lol (again, it's been years since I've watched a lot of these.)

So my question is, would you guys be interested in a small collection like this? What're your opinions about these animes? Would you recommend them/interested in watching them?

Of course we won't know some of those answers til I post about them. Also, if there's any recommended anime I should watch, I will definitely consider so. Maybe this could last longer than five parts? Maybe I'm in over my head? lol Who knows? Opinions please!
@VinMcCarthy @littlemaryk Yay encouragement! I shall make the card Thursday or Friday when I have time (cause retail/graveyard hours)
yesssss DO IT
Tagging random people I've talked about anime with cause I have no friends lol If you don't want to be tagged let me know! @Chriskiller1991 @ juvenscadet @Danse @VinMcCarthy @LuffyNewman @JackSkelington @littlemaryk
yayy yesssss I would be for sure ^.^