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Selca Time

I hate taking selcas.... I can't seem to get them right. Oh well, since I have to. (be grateful, I even put on makeup for this one lol)

Dream Crush

Believe it or not it's Lee Kwang Soo. He is my Ideal Type too. Handsome, but not so much to make him cocky. Talk. Funny. Goofy. Thoughtful. A little weird. Talented. Imperfect. And smarter than he lets you believe. Of course there are these young things that have the faces and bodies of Greek gods.... but alas, they are my guilty pleasure/eye candy/ fantasies. but when it comes to crushes and getting back to reality, LKS is it.

Relationship Status: Happily Married

He is the closest to my Ideal Type I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. And I married him. He is kind, goofy, funny, fun loving, a wonderful father, thoughtful, hard working, an amazing lover, handsome, manly, and cool. He's a gamer like me, and stays up late with me binge watching KDramas, Anime, and Netflix. He loves kpop and is always introducing me to New music. He prides himself in stumping me. hehehe. Yeah I'm a lucky gal. (P.S. my two children are Anime lovers. My son wants to cosplay, and my daughter who hates reading, started watching subtitled episodes and is improving her reading skills through Fairy Tail lol. I couldn't be more proud)

Best Gift

Other than my children of course. A 1996 White Honda Accord on my 19th birthday. My parents bought it. (omg that was 15 years ago)

Ideal Guy

(same as my dream crush) ;) I was tagged by @MadAndrea so I'm tagging all of you guys that see this. (please tag more people and tag me back. I'd love to learn more about you all too.)
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