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Friendly Rant I'm going to clear the air first. I'm not a pretentious "fan girl" of Deadpool, I'm not "riding the Deadpool wave" when I am wrong, I will absolutely take it and face it and last but not least... I don't stand for people speaking out the ***. Keep that hot, nasty, Unwanted air over there. I do like other characters besides Deadpool, I'm just more comfortable with my Anti Heroes and Villians. ... Moving on.. Yup, besides Vingle my main home... I freelance on other sites and Wade is always a Darn issue. Along with Batman, Wolverine, Harley Quinn and Goku. I'm a Merc with a Mouth so pretty much I let everything be known . Okay, it seems that Deadpool is "overrated" and "should not be able to kill high ranking heroes like Spider-Man" I'm fair... Very fair but sometimes people do forget that Deadpool might be silly, ridiculous and all above. However he is not stupid and not afraid to kill. That what makes him dangerous. Btw I know some of you are Spider-Man fans and I myself like Spider-Man, however I would not call him the highest ranking hero, yup that was said too. We all forget Captain America, the Hulk (he Is more on the Anti hero line in my eyes) Thor , gosh darn Odin's beard Thor ... along with a couple of others too. And the same people forget that Spider-Man and Deadpool are friends. Deadpool annoys Spider-Man and Spider-Man annoys Deadpool. It's a bro thing . A ridiculous circle of "stop hitting me " when you were a kid. Oh and I had to correct people about calling Deadpool a hero. He is not.. He freelance.. He usually walks by and ends up in stuff at times. I believe that is how he started fighting Carange or he is bored out of his mind and he ends up messing with someone like Glaticus because (Deadpool) really does not care about how you might stack up against him. He is "going to get rich or die trying"
Batman gets it the worst then all the others I mentioned. I tried to fight a battle or 8 for him and the results are the same. They keep picking on the fact Batman does not have "super powers" and "he is just a rich kid with daddy issues " I fight with you do not have to have super powers to be considered a hero. Then comes" Batman should have been dead." I always reply, "intelligence can keep you alive and common sense is not that common " Explosive Hexed Vixen FIGHT (yup, I have other handles, but I Primary stick to L A Von York, HexedVixen comes out when I know i might be dropping alot of "Phrasing" "color stuff" stuff I don't like to do but there is a Villian in everyone . Oh and the "Phrasing" and "colorful stuff" only occur when I am jabbed with it on repeat. I don't start of that way. Anyway, my Batman fights I win the battle.. Blaze blaze and I can not close out the war. And I love Batman, it's like I get cornered by myself and I literally have no support. A COD team death match error. I don't do the crossing of DC and Marvel staying " Tony Stark is considered intelligent and he is a Super Hero, so why Can't Batman be?" I know what that slippery slope leads to. And it's ugly... So ugly... (Wade ♥ your face is not even that ugly)
I get into Harley Quinn argument too. I usually have to remind people that Harley Quinn is not a Hero. She is an Anti Hero and don't believe everything you read on Google. Case and point below
by the time the Harley Quinn fight comes I am usually done... I already spent eons going for Deadpool and Batman, that I can't even get Hexed Vixen to come out and break out some sort of typing jujitsu I let everyone else keep blowing hot air, then I come to this.. Below ⬇ ⬇
Yup on my own blog or another sites stuff. Stay away from reddit and Tumblr.. Hot air from their asset flow strong and it stinks like all types of unspeakable yuck.
And I just stay away from Dbz. 1 I am not 100 % familiar with the franchise, so I don't usually come to bat. I'm just usually reading taking in the anger and the funny stuff people say .. And how it usually gets really out of hand and F bombs are dropped more than IPhone by people per day. I know my lane and where and when to fight yup, intelligence, that Batman intelligence. My Internet Super Highway road rage is over....for now L A Von Dangerous ♥
And the rest of the Vingle community!
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@MichaelOgg @wwedavid and no one sees that 😂😂. For the record, Vingle is very very friendly the Internet highest is not lol. Remember @MichaelOgg I was figuratively killed over a random meme the other day 😂😂 which people are STILL arguing about and I'm... Home... On Vingle.. 😂😂😂 watching Archer... Eating Mac and cheese 😂😂
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I prefer to fight for the right to PARTYYYYYY! yup, I'm old. My birthday is on Sunday.. :Cries :
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@LAVONYORK happy early birthday xD
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As long as you're not the type who says "Give Batman prep-time and then he's nigh-immortal" I have no problems. But it bugs the hell out of me when either Batman has no prep time, and people just immediately say he's dead, or he does and he can't be beaten.
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Nope, most the fights I been involved in with Batman was about he should not be a super hero and he has no powers. Superman is cosmic so it's fine for him to be a super hero and Batman should not. Those are the fights.
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