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It's Christmas eve Marvelers

Have you been naughty or nice this year? Who are we kidding, y'all clicked on this card. So let's entertain our naughtiest selves and talk about the gentleman named Chris in the Marvel universe that help with our dehydration problems...

Problem solved?

In the spirit of the holidays, there are no losers here. Talk about your favorite Chris, why you appreciate him and all his hard work, and what you're looking forward to seeing him doing next year! They all have amazing projects coming up and they're very talented people so 2016 is already looking good!

After all, if Chris can't pick between a Chris and a Chris, how are we supposed to pick a Chris?

The answer today is 'all of the above'. Merry Chris'mas!
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Fun fact: Chris Pratt was born a few miles from where I grew up
Chris Hemsworth. The Mighty Thor! Drunk huntsman and ex military man! Oh and a Captain of a starship! He's so damn yummy! *Sigh* 馃挏馃挏馃挏馃挏馃拫馃拫馃拫馃拫馃拫
As hard as it it to choose I'll take Evans!!! Opposite Sex, FF4, The Losers, What's your Number, and of course Captain America!!
@alohadaine best answer so far
@shannonl5 thanks 馃挅馃挅