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To The Moon Part.3

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"You're so funny Tae~!" I hear a Tiffany say as Yoongi and I walk in. Taehyung glared at Yoongi as we walked by I felt his hand grab my arm. "Where were you?" He asked as he looked down his hair covered his eyes. "What dose it matter to you?" I said as I pulled my arm out of his hand. "Don't you have a wedding to plan?" I said coldly as I walked away catching up with Yoongi. I looked back at Taehyung who's eyes were watery. "He looks a little sad maybe you should go talk to him." Yoongi sighed. "Taehyungie~~ I want to go to the movies~~" Tiffany said as she grabbed Taehyung's arm. Taehyung looked at me. "let's go then." he said as they walked out the front door. "Ha as if I should comfort him." I said as I clenched my fist. "Im going to watch a movie." Yoongi said as he walked into his room. "Do want to join?" Yoongi asked. "Yea." I said as I followed behind him. I sat by Yoongi on his bed as he watched a movie it was a comedy. Yoongi looked at me as I fixed my bra the wire was poking out dipping into my boob. "Why don't you just take it off if it hurts you?" Yoongi said as he noticed my pain. I thought about if for a moment Taehyung is already engaged and im nothing to him anyways. "Thanks." I said as I un hooked my bra. Yoongi stood up. "Ill turn off the lights so you're more comfortable." The room turned dark the only light coming from his T.V. "Better?" he asked as he sat by me gain. I laid my head on his chest as we watched the rest of the movie he wrapped his arms around me holding me. "Y/N."he wispered. I looked up in shock I felt his lips on mine. I pulled away thinking about Taehyung remembering he was engaged I kissed Yoongi back. His hands rubbed accross my body making me moan as he undressed me. Yoongi smiled as he pulled down his underwear revealing his erection "I have protection." he said as he slipped on a condom. He lifted my legs as he forced him self inside of me. I moaned as he thrusted violently. "Ah~ Yoongi" I moaned as he bit my neck. "Ah~" Yoongi moaned as he finished. Yoongi huffed as he laid by me. "Sleep in here tonight." he said as he held me.
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@NasiaWright he's the best of the best
OH MY GOODNESS was expecting this lol 😂😂😂 well put well put... @TaehyungKey
@TaehyungKey lol ok thank you for understanding oh and merry Christmas!
Oh nvm ok I'm confusing myself /).- thank you @taehyungKey
Lol wow thought it was #4 ok nvm I just can't find the first one
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