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Big Hits new kpop group will be replacing BTS!!!
here's the new kpop group replacing BTS haha jk here are some funny pictures of BTS
OMG this gift gers me every time hahaha I love these boys
so as you guys know BTS has Rap Monster who really can't dance as all. Jimin who loves Jungkook, Jin the diva(pink princess), J-Hope(horse, hoe? no... idk but he's cute) and so on
All these movies sound great to me hahaha
OMG Jimin's kids sounds so cute I love how V gets lost in the ball pit with his son hahaha
wow hahaha V
Oh my lanta hah
thanks for the views btw!!! ^^
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OMG There are so many photos LOL V ~ " WTF is this species" BTS predebut pics is life Rap Mon is me when dealing with sports And Of course Joonie and Jin are in the dance line LOL
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