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Words of Wisdom from Uncle Iroh

I know that Avatar isn't technically anime, but I think that it comes pretty close to it. Plus, Iroh has such gems of wisdom, they just need to be shared!

Important words to think upon, at any part of your life.

Iroh knows about the darkness. He's seen enough of it in his life.

He knows best about coming out of that darkness and shining light upon it.

Some people spend years trying to find their reasons. I'm not sure that I have yet.

True humility can prove incredibly difficult to find.

Something we should all carry with us in our hearts.

Iroh was always my favorite in the whole avatar series. 😊
He has some of my the best lines not just in this series but in anything. You gotta love Iroh
iroh's words always helped me when I'm looking for helpful life advice. they always picked me up when I was down.
Uncle Iroh is the best!! Leaves on the Vine killed me tho 😢
totally love this! I think I cried a little lol
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