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Words of Wisdom from Uncle Iroh

I know that Avatar isn't technically anime, but I think that it comes pretty close to it. Plus, Iroh has such gems of wisdom, they just need to be shared!

Important words to think upon, at any part of your life.

Iroh knows about the darkness. He's seen enough of it in his life.

He knows best about coming out of that darkness and shining light upon it.

Some people spend years trying to find their reasons. I'm not sure that I have yet.

True humility can prove incredibly difficult to find.

Something we should all carry with us in our hearts.

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he always was my favorite character.
2 years agoReply
yeah hes like the uncle I always wanted
2 years agoReply
gosh when ever i see his character, his scene where he is singing soldier boy comes to mind and i start to tear up. it was such a touching scene. Lol I always wanted to go and have tea with him.
2 years agoReply
馃摵He was actually the strongest in the entire show. 馃敟The only reason he didn't beat the Avatar's greatest enemy is because it would mess up the prophecy and stuff. 馃挭 I love Iroh.
2 years agoReply
he was and will always be my favorite. i would love to have his words in a inspiration poster
2 years agoReply