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Captain America: Bad at dating.

We all love Captain America. He's a hero, and a lovely person. But he'd probably make a terrible boyfriend. Just think about it:
1. He's incredibly stubborn. Makes him a great hero and an impossible person to argue with.
2. Let's face it, he's still hung up on:
3. Steve will literally NEVER stop picking fights.
4. He's ALSO still hung up on:
5. You will spend your entire day trying not to spoil the end of movies that came out in the last seven decades.
6. He's Irish. Speaking as a fellow Irish person, we are basically ALLERGIC to flavor. No spicy food.
7. Date night? Sorry, he's gonna blow you off to punch evil in the face.
8. Family and stability aren't in his future. Sorry everyone.
9. It's been seventy years and I'd bet money he still doesn't know how to dance.
10. He's Catholic. So there will be no hanky panky.


Seriously, date someone else. You know who would make an excellent boyfriend? Sam Wilson. He has a stable job and he knows what size his shirts should be.
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@shannonl5 well... that is the next step in the plan. 馃槇
@purplem00n23 step one: Steal all of Seve's shirts step 2: Set the shirts on fire step 3: ??? step 4: profit
@shannonl5 step one: yes step 2: well not set them on fire just hide them and when you do go outside you suddenly find one that is a bigger size cause you know you don't want others seeing what he's got step 3: keep stealing the shirts step 4: profit: enjoying the view
@purplem00n23 XD XD XD this is a beautiful master plan. Now we just need to find Steve
LOL. You're right, @purplem00n23! 馃槀It's funny how this card.was made by Betty Carter of all people. We should all date Steve Rogers. His flaws must somehow work in his favor.