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Eunhyuk twitter update
애송이형! 셀카는 이렇게 찍는거야 Aesongie (He called Yesung a Aesongie to make fun of his name. Aesongie means greenhorn in Korean)! This is how you take selca (Selca = Selfcamera, Taking a picture of oneself) (12 hours ago) 어? 사진 안올렸는데 전송눌렀다 Oops? I uploaded without attaching a picture (12 hours ago) 잘봐 애송이형 Check this out Aesongie (12 hours ago) 볶는 건 나만 할 수 있어! 형은 이정도는 찍어야지 Only i can do the mix fried(selca)! Hyung should do at least this much (Yangpa's Aesongie's love) (11 hours ago)
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