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Would You Rather: Mutant or Metahuman?

Choose wisely...

Being a mutant in the Marvel universe has always been difficult, and once in a while the metahumans of DC comics seem to have it just as rough. There are positives of course, the least of which being the awesome super powers. You could be the next Mystique or Black Canary (then again, you might get unlucky and end up with Rogue's powers). Which would you choose? Would you rather be mutant or metahuman? And most importantly: Which powers would you want?
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Tough choice but i have to stay by my mutant brethren. And i would love Kitty's powers but I can learn to deal with Rouge's gift too. I mean ,girl got Gambit hooked on her and Gambit is babe,always. beside Scott. (Nice Scott)
I would like to have the powers of a meta though it's not possible in the real life but I can dream and hopefully in a brighter tomorrow it's a reality, not saying I don't like being a human but if someone from the scientific community came up to me and said drink this and you'll get super powers I wouldn't say know
Me mutant! I would love to have the ability of night crawler >:) or wolverine!! Those would be pretty awesome!! >:)
in the choice of being able to choose it's hard to say.... being able to have them from birth would be great but being able to choose that responsibility would also be great... but meta just cuz I got to choose.... I would want to control of the 4 basic elements fire water and earth pulse. morphing
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