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Choose wisely...

Being a mutant in the Marvel universe has always been difficult, and once in a while the metahumans of DC comics seem to have it just as rough. There are positives of course, the least of which being the awesome super powers. You could be the next Mystique or Black Canary (then again, you might get unlucky and end up with Rogue's powers). Which would you choose? Would you rather be mutant or metahuman? And most importantly: Which powers would you want?
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@DustinAtkinson what powers do you think you'd have?
@shannonI5 good question
Mutant all the way. I'll be a mix between rayne(werewolf) and magma (lava manipulation) and if I wanted to be Op I'll jus be the beyonder lol
@SittingOnaCloud lol I'm impressed you really thought this out :D
@SittingOnaCloud ooooh sounds awesome :D