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This is pretty much self explanatory! Hi you guys. If you've not seen my face before, here's a chance to! I'm 20 years old from Arkansas and I'm a Medical Office Specialist** major who is due to start the last 6 wreks of my schooling ( doing clinicals ) in January. I am both terrified and excited.
** ( basically I will work in a clinic where I handle patient medical files and work with insurance companies on patient claims. )


I have so many biases and I stan so many groups but the one who steals my soul time and time again is my ultimate favorite, Boo Seungkwan. He's my ultimate bias for a reason. In January he'll be of legal age and I just want to pull my hair out. ( I am not that creepy kind of fan, I promise. ) His personality is so unique and he shines on his own and I just adore everything about him. He has a fierce side to him and he's confident in himself but he's also soft. He helped one of the camera women who were filming when she tripped - he helps his members all the time. And he's overall a cuddly little sass monster. My kind of guy makes me laugh but also knows how to handle me when I cry and I don't know. He just seems perfect in that way. Whoever ends up with him is one lucky lady!


I am happily devoted to a boy I met my sophomore year of high school! We dated through his senior year, I went to prom with him, and I was his first kiss. We tried to date after high school but with me going into major surgery last year in August, I wound up calling it quits to focus on my health. We got back together back in April of this year and have been dating for 8 months as of yesterday. This will be my first Christmas spent with a very special love and I am hoping I get to experience this many more times in my life. As I stated last section, my dream guy has to make me laugh but be able to actively handle me and match well with me. Joe goes above and beyond that. That phrase being treated like a Queen has nothing on how he treats me.


I have many with my boyfriend but this one is super sweet and super simple. After we had one of our anniversary dates ( I believe it was 7 months ) we came back to my house and he brought one of his big comforter blankets out on the lawn. I live in the country so the stars are completely visible when they're out! We laid out and watched the stars and before he left he had me put on a slow song and we danced together out in the cold. I'm not a cheesy romantic, I prefer sillier things, but it absolutely stuck with me. He's so special to me.


I already kind of covered this up there gushing about Seungkwan.

But most importantly, if a guy OR girl can make me smile and laugh and also have meaningful conversations and be able to have me trust them 110%?

I'm sold. And I'm glad I've found that.
THANK YOU to those who tagged me. This was a refreshing kind of card to do! If you want to do this and I tag you ( or even if you come across this and I haven't tagged you ) feel free to do your own!


@Ercurrent @DaisySalazar @Meeshell ALSO THANK YOU CUTIES! You're absolutely precious. c:
So rando but I work in medical billing hahahahaha 😆😆😆😆 You are adorable little one and yer guy sounds super awesome! ❤️😁❤️😁❤️😁
I love this:) you are super cute!
why doe you make me do this my beautyyyy
my Morgan 😘😘😘
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