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Too excited to care how blurry they are.

Because I am ten kinds of stoked for this character to be on screen. The last time we saw Elektra on film, she was being played by Jennifer Garner and the movie was not well-received. In sharp contrast, Neflix's Daredevil has been met with incredibly positive reviews, especially for the fight choreography. It's the perfect place for the character to get a second chance.
It's hard to see costume details but that's definitely Matt Murdock's new Daredevil suit. On the left you can also see a woman holding sai (Elektra's weapon of choice) so that's either a stunt double or Elodie Yung (the actress playing Elektra).
Production officially wrapped before Christmas and there hasn't been any footage or photos of Elodie Yung yet. Which usually means that they're trying to hide a major plot reveal. The above fight is really dark, but it could be against Frank Castle, who we DID see a few pictures of recently:
Dang... series two needs to hurry up and get released!
@LAVONYORK girl. Yes. I know.
SHANE! Now he is the Punisher good Lawd! Excited just to see him 馃槀馃槀
@shannonl5 could you tag me if I missed them, pretty please. I've had a long, hard day! :(
@ButterflyBlu @LAVONYORK they released more photos! And they're not super grainy haha I'll try to get them up soon :D
I can't WAIT to see Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle. They're killing me. Dead. 馃槻
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