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I think I have a love for post-apocalyptic settings.

In art, in books, in video games. I really love seeing how people imagine the world post-people. The way things would be reclaimed by nature is always super intriguing to me.
Anyway, here are some super awesome illustrations showing exactly that: Mother Nature taking back what rightfully belongs to her.
All this amazing art comes from deviant artist tokyogenso.
Here, I love the combination of rising foliage and the high waters around the destroyed buildings. It shows a true return to nature.
This is awesome, because at first glance it's hard to tell exactly what's going on. But the submerged bridge and buildings indicate how high the water has risen, covering everything beneath it.
It kinda reminds me of Bioshock's Rapture, the way the train lights are still on.
The way the water falls off of this structure shows a weird combination of man-made and natural elements. Turning a building into a cliff face.
Another bridge, except instead of being submerged, the water has all dried up, turning the riverbed into a kind of savannah where trees can bloom amongst the wreckage.
This one screams out to me as a callback to that scene in "I Am Legend" in Times Square.
And this could be right out of Fallout. The broken, dilapidated train line, the weird separation between what is and isn't destroyed.
i want to go there. it's so wild and majestic. my kinda place.
I live these types of art as well. I have a crap ton on my computer for screen savers and wallpapers. A lot of them are just plain earthy while others are hauntingly beautiful with the wrecked remains of civilization peeking out from the growth.
it's like that show life after people but way cooler :)
why do the Japanese have to be the best at like everything beautiful!? Wah! I love you Japan!
when can I move to that world
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